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Shoe Dryer Dryfix-Plus 2.0

Shoe Dryer Dryfix-Plus 2.0
Our price: EUR 95.00
including MwSt
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    Dryfix plus 2.0 Shoe Dryer / Glove Dryer
    with odor removal function

    Only EUR 95.00
    incl. taxes plus shipping charges

    Cold, wet feet are uncomfortable and increase the risk of cold, especially in winter. The shoe dryer Dryfix plus 2.0 is a handy dryer for shoes, gloves and caps. It is suitable for wall mounting, but can also be used freely. The "Dryfix plus" dries with a gentle stream of warm air through 4 connectable hoses up to 4 shoes or 2 shoes + 4 gloves at the same time and in the shortest possible time. It can also be used as a shoe warmer for the cold season, so that putting on the shoes becomes a nice experience. A useful helper in the household and an appreciation for holiday apartment / holiday home.

    The built-in ozone function simultaneously eliminates odors and bacteria. The device has a timer (timer) of max. 180 minutes or can be set without a time limit. The operating noise of the fan is about 48 dB (comparable to a bath blower). The boot dryer can be operated in 2 settings:
    - Low heat ventilation for gentle yet rapid drying, or
    - Ventilation with full heating power for optimum drying speed and less sensitive materials such as rubber boots, ski boots, fabric shoes etc .

    Especially with frequently used sports shoes, the Dryfix 2.0 also extends the service life, because when wet, the seams and cover leather wears out faster under stress than in a dry state.

    With us you receive a branded product and of course a comprehensive customer service, even after the expiry of the warranty period!

    Features & Advantages:

    • Warm Air Hose for 4 shoes or 2 shoes and 4 gloves simultaneously !
    • With the built-in Ozon Generator bad odor and bacteria will be eliminated simultaneously !
    • Free standing or wall mounted.
    • Timer-Function (up to 180 minutes) and continuous operation possible.
    • Two heat settings selectable !
    • Protection IP21 (oreign object protection with Ø > 12,5 mm, as well as protection from dripping water) !
    • Overheating Protection
    • WEEE Conformidity (RoHS) !
    • CE confomidity

    Package Contents:

    1.   Dryfix-Plus 2.0 Shoe Dryer incl. Ozon Generator as described above
    2.   Wall mounting set
    3.   4 x warm air hose
    4.   Glove adapter

    Technical Specifications:

    Modell:                                Dryfix plus 2.0
    Material:                              Case, hoses and glove adapters made from durable plastic
    Noise:                                 48 dB
    Current:                              220-240V ~ 50Hz
    Max. Power consumption:  265 W (0,9 A)
    Ozonproduction:                 0,05 ppm
    Operating Temperature:     -20°C bis 35°C
    Protection Type:                  IP21

    Dimensions (H/W/D):          300 x 230 x 110 mm
    Hose Length:                      80 cm
    Weight:                               1,6 kg


    We are happy to entertain any requests from wholesalers and traders !!

    SKU Dryfix-plus-2.0
    Manufacturer Dryfix
    Weight 4.00 kg
    Shipping Company DHL
    EAN 7629999053649
    Market price: EUR 149.00
    Our price: EUR 95.00
    including MwSt

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    Bedienungsanleitung Deutsch

    Bedienungsanleitung Schuhtrockner Dryfix-Plus 2.0.pdf
    Bedienungsanleitung für den Schuhtrockner Dryfix-plus 2.0

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    Schuhtrockner Dryfix plus 2.0
    Schuhtrockner Dryfix plus 2.0
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    Schuhtrockner Dryfix plus 2.0 nur Kopf
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    Customer Reviews

    1 4.2
    • Author: Christina Z.
      Super nützliches Gerät! - Der Schuhtrockner ist klasse !
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