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Electric heat gun WDH-BGC30 (30 kW)

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Our price: EUR 559.00
including MwSt
  • Product details
    Industrial heating ? Building drying ? Damp objects ? Cold rooms ?
    Electric heat gun WDH-BGC30 (30 kW)
    with integrated fan and a max. heating power of powerful 30,000 watts (30 kW) !
    Only EUR 559.00incl. MwSt/VAT and excl. Shipping freight

    This very powerful electric heater with 400V / 63A connection, has an integrated fan and a max. heating power of strong 30,000 watts (30 kW) ! It impresses with its good price-performance ratio and its easy handling. The unit is very effective and almost exclusively made of metal, making it extremely robust. It is therefore ideal for commercial and very demanding use. Please note that a power cable is not included in the delivery.

    A five-pole 63 A power connection 380V/415V (50/60Hz) is required to operate this heater. This corresponds to industrial current!

    The recommended retail price (RRP) is EUR 699.00


    • Heating power adjustable up to 30,000 watts (30 kW)
    • Thermostat for regulating and setting the desired temperature
    • Stepless temperature control (0 ~ 85° C)
    • Two heating powers selectable (1 = 15,000 watts 2 = 30,000 watts)
    • Pure fan operation also possible without heating function
    • Also suitable for continuous operation
    • Protected against small foreign bodies > 12.5 mm (IP20)
    • Integrated protection mechanism in case of overheating
    • No adjustment in case of power failure (unit continues where it left off)
    • High mobility due to handy carrying handle and two large wheels
    • No oxygen consumption

    Awards and Certifications:

    • Of course with CE (LVD + EMC) conformity


    • Temperature regulation: Construction sites, workshops, agriculture, shell flats, garages, warehouses, cellars, sheds and for use in the profession and hobby !
    • Drying: Ideal for faster drying of plaster, screed and the entire carcass, etc. (It can be worked on or moved in very quickly)
    • Damp objects: Ideal for damp halls, old walls and professional drying !
    • Damage removal: After floods, after damage caused by extinguishing water or in case of rot, these devices are ideally suited to support the drying process !

    Technical details:

    Voltage:400V ~ 50Hz
    Connection:63 A
    Air circulation UNIT:30 kW (63 A)
    Heating strengths:2 (1 = 15 kW, 2 = 30 kW)
    thermostat:Mechanisches Thermostat
    Max. Air Flow:Ca. 3.480 m³/h
    Type of temperature control:Stufenlose Einstellung (0 ~ 85 °C)
    Protection Class:IP20 (Fremdkörperschutz mit Ø > 12,5 mm)
    Dimension (H/W/D):860 x 565 x 645 mm
    Weight:31,2 kg
    Scope of delivery:Heizkanone, Bedienungsanleitung
    Max Noise:ca. 72 db


    You can order the matching power cable directly with this link: 63A CEE connection cable 10Q
    If you are interested in a lower power heater, please use the following link: WDH heaters

    WDH® is a quality product or brand that is available almost exclusively through specialized dealers. WDH® air conditioners have made an excellent name for themselves in recent years for high quality dehumidifiers. Quality standards are for example: durability, compliance with the stated performance, tested by the "GS", of course with CE conformity, recyclable materials.

    With us you get a branded product and of course a comprehensive customer service, even after the warranty period !
    We ship on every working day ! (With fast transfer you have the device mostly already 2-3 working days after the purchase) !
    We are one of the market leaders in Germany in the direct sale of dehumidifiers and guarantee that you get this or a serious comparable device, with no other cheaper!

    Shipping costs per product to Germany:

    We will use a parcel service to make sure the product reaches you fast and in good shape!
    Germany:EUR 69.00

    Shipping costs per product to other EU countries and Switzerland:

    We will use an International parcel service to make sure the product reaches you fast and in good shape!
    Austria:EUR 79.00
    BeNeLux:   EUR 79.00
    Switzerland:   EUR 180.00
    Rest EU*:  EUR 180.00
    *without outer islands!

    Please use the "Shipping Cost" Tab for other countries

    EAN 4260196713221
    Manufacturer WDH
    Weight 53.00 kg
    Shipping Company Spedition / Freight Forwarder
    Market price: EUR 699.00
    Our price: EUR 559.00
    including MwSt

  • FAQ
    • Up to what room size is the WDH-BGC30 electric heater suitable?

      The maximum room size depends on many factors:
      For example, how much cold is coming in (insulation level), what the temperatures are like in the room in question and what your target temperature is.

      The rule of thumb is as follows: With simple (not so good) insulation, calculate with 120 watts per square metre!

      This means that with a maximum of 30.0 kW heating power, the unit is then sufficient for approx. 250 sqm (approx. 625 cbm). This value also corresponds to our recommendation. With correspondingly better insulation, the heat output is of course sufficient for larger rooms and areas.
    • Does the fan of the WDH-BGC30 electric heater switch off when the temperature is reached or only the heating coil?

      The heating coil switches off after reaching the target temperature, but the fan continues to run. (It still runs when the unit is in monitoring mode or not in heating mode).

      This is also the case with the competitors and serves a permanent and even temperature distribution, both in the room and inside the electric heater without heat back-up.
    • What is the operating noise (dB/A) of the electric heater WDH-BGC30 (30kW)?

      The unit "only" has an operating noise of max. approx. 72 dB/A!
    • How can I adjust the thermostat of the WDH-BGC30 electric heater (divided into 1 or 0.5 degree increments)?

      The thermostat dial is infinitely variable (compare with the volume control on a radio). This means that the maximum value that can be set is approx. 85°C and the lowest value that can be set is approx. 0°C. There is no 1 or 0°C in between. There is no 1 or 0.5 degree scaling in between.

      However, you have the option of recording your own marker points.
      You do this as follows:

      Once you have reached a desired temperature value, adjust the controller downwards until the thermostat switches off with an audible "click". Now leave the thermostat in this position and whenever it gets colder in the room, the unit will automatically start heating and when the set temperature is reached again, the unit will automatically switch off.
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    1 4.2
    • Author: Volker Z.
      Hallo Aktobis, zunächst ein großes Lob für Ihre kompetente Beratung und die schnelle Auslieferung. Die Heizkanone bringt sofort Heizleistung und wir können die Temperatur in unseren großen Hallen prima steuern und regulieren. Da wir so zufrieden sind, ist es für uns selbstverständlich, ein top Produkt weiterzuempfehlen! Weiter so!
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