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Humidifier WDH-SK6630

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Our price: EUR 49.90
including MwSt
  • Product details
    Too dry air and rooms ?
    Humidifier WDH-SK6630
    with a humidification capacity of up to max. 300 ml / hour and an aroma compartment !
    Only EUR 49.90incl. MwSt/VAT and excl. Shipping freight

    Our top humidifier WDH-SK6630 uses an ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation to atomise the water into the smallest water vapour particles of approx. 1-5 µm (thousandths of a millimetre) !! A fan system then ensures that this ultra-fine water vapour is evenly released into the room air until it has reached the desired humidity. Optionally, pleasant fragrances can be distributed in the room with the integrated aroma compartment ! This top humidifier has a high humidification performance with a very low power consumption and is a very good buy due to its attractive price in its performance class ! This humidifier can be used depending on the room temperature and personal target humidity value for rooms up to approx. 40 sqm (100 cbm) !!

    The recommended retail price (RRP) is EUR 99.00


    • High humidification capacity of up to 300 ml / hour
    • Ultra-fine water vapour of approx. 1-5 µm (thousandths of a millimetre)
    • With aroma compartment for adding pleasant fragrances which can then be distributed throughout the room
    • Stepless humidification control (selectable humidification strength)
    • Adjustable steam nozzles and very good steam distribution
    • Extremely low power consumption (max. 25 watts). This corresponds to up to 80% less compared to standard humidifiers
    • Auto-stop when water tank is empty
    • Optionally switchable LED lighting for attractive lighting on the unit
    • Water tank is easy to fill from the top, and the water level can always be checked quickly because the water tank is transparent
    • Very light mobility with a mini-weight of only 1.5 kg
    • Modern design and attractive appearance, therefore very suitable for living rooms
    • Easy to clean
    • Extremely quiet operation
    • Can be controlled via an external timer

    Awards and Certifications:

    • The WDH-SK6630 humidifier was voted Best Product 2019 by the trade magazine "Heimwerker Praxis" in the category "Humidifiers" (2019 edition).
    • The model was rated 1.4 (very good) in the consumer test of the renowned trade magazine "Heimwerker Praxis" (1/2018) in the "Upper Class" segment.
    • Of course with CE (EMC + LVD) conformity


    • Healthier climate and additional protection for pets, plants, inventory as well as for use at work and hobby:
    • Especially during the heating season, the relative humidity often falls below the recommended range for living and working spaces. This has an unfavourable effect on the well-being and health of people and animals and can also promote diseases of the respiratory system if the room air is permanently very dry. A too dry climate can also be harmful for inventory and plants. This effect can be counteracted with our humidifier.
    • In the field of human medicine, a balanced humidity of the ambient air is recommended. However, especially in closed, poorly ventilated and well-heated rooms, such values are often fallen short of, which can lead to reduced respiratory performance and impairment of the skin or mucous membranes. This is especially the case in winter, as the cold outside air then has only a low absolute humidity. Therefore, it should be re-humidified by a humidifier after it has been warmed up to room temperature, so that the relative humidity does not drop too much.
    • In very cold areas or at cold times of the year or at night, the human organism often shows an increased fluid consumption, although the opposite should rather be assumed due to the lack of fluid loss through sweating. This is due to the humidification of the dry inhaled air and the associated loss of water. If the cold outside air is heated during inhalation, its water vapour capacity increases and thus also lowers the relative humidity. In contrast, the saturation deficit increases and the tendency of the liquid lung tissue water to change into the gaseous aggregate state increases. In summer or when the ambient air is warm, the inhaled air is hardly warmed up any further and therefore retains its usually high relative humidity. If the additional water losses through sweating are not too great here, the body's water requirement is therefore higher in cold ambient conditions.
    • Increased humidity is beneficial for breathing, as oxygen then reaches the bloodstream more easily via the alveoli. The skin needs a high air humidity in order not to dry out, as this is closely coupled with the skin moisture. Mucous membranes are particularly susceptible to drying out, as they have little protection against evaporation and depend on their high humidity to maintain their functions. Thus, low humidity of the nasal mucosa can result in an increased incidence of nosebleeds. In general, the skin's immune defence is weakened (increased risk of catching a cold) and its ability to exchange substances is reduced, which particularly affects the oral mucosa. The susceptibility to skin irritation or redness or even skin inflammation is also increased by low humidity. Source: wikipedia

    Technical details:

    Voltage:220 ~ 240V / 50Hz
    Air circulation UNIT:25 W
    Max. Humidification capacity:300 ml / Stunde
    Humidification method:Ultraschall-Hochfrequenz-Oszillation
    Watertank:Ca. 6 Liter
    Max Noise:35 dB(A)
    Electrical protection class:II
    Dimension (H/W/D):285 x 235 x 185 mm
    Weight:1,5 kg
    Application range:5°C ~ 40°C
    Scope of delivery:


    If you are interested in a pure humidifier, please use the following link: Humidifier WDH

    WDH® is a quality product or brand that is available almost exclusively through specialized dealers. WDH® air conditioners have made an excellent name for themselves in recent years for high quality dehumidifiers. Quality standards are for example: durability, compliance with the stated performance, tested by the "GS", of course with CE conformity, recyclable materials.

    With us you get a branded product and of course a comprehensive customer service, even after the warranty period !
    We ship on every working day ! (With fast transfer you have the device mostly already 2-3 working days after the purchase) !
    We are one of the market leaders in Germany in the direct sale of dehumidifiers and guarantee that you get this or a serious comparable device, with no other cheaper!

    Shipping costs per product to Germany:

    We will use a parcel service to make sure the product reaches you fast and in good shape!
    Germany:EUR 6.50

    Shipping costs per product to other EU countries and Switzerland:

    We will use an International parcel service to make sure the product reaches you fast and in good shape!
    Austria:EUR 15.00
    BeNeLux:   EUR 15.00
    Switzerland:   EUR 22.00
    Rest EU*:  EUR 22.00
    *without outer islands!

    Please use the "Shipping Cost" Tab for other countries

    SKU WDH-SK6630
    EAN 4260196715027
    Manufacturer WDH
    Weight 5.00 kg
    Shipping Company UPS
    Market price: EUR 99.00
    Our price: EUR 49.90
    including MwSt

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    Siegel Werkzeug des Jahres 2019
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