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Car Air Purifier WDH-AP1212

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    High-quality air cleaner in modern design for vehicles (car, taxi, truck, camper, caravan). Operation is by means of one-touch technology, so you can operate the device with just one button without being distracted while driving. It is designed to fit in most vehicle drink holders. A 12V power cable for cigarette lighter is included.

    WDH® is a trademark of the german Aktobis AG, which stands for quality products. The Aktobis AG in Rodgau near Frankfurt am Main in Germany produces high-quality air purifiers and dehumidifiers which feature Quality standards in durability, compliance with the stated performance, "GS" tested and with CE conformity.

    With us you will get a branded product and, of course, a comprehensive customer support, even after the expiry of the warranty period!

    The Car Dehumidifier WDH-AP1212 is optimized according to the latest technical knowledge.

    Features & Benefits:

    HEPA activated charcoal filter combination:
    The HEPA filter traps and filters particles up to 0.0003 mm in size. This includes pollen, germs, mold spores and dust with a purity rate of 99%!
    The activated charcoal granules help to remove many kinds of smoke and odors (e.g., cigarette smoke) and also toxic fumes, gases and solvents.

    Anion exchanger:
    Produces approximately 2 million anions per second, which pro-actively fight smoke and other dirt particles in the room.

    Air sensor:
    Automatically measures the tendency of the air quality and signals this in different luminous colors.

    2 speed settings:
    Strong & Weak

    Modern design and very attractive exterior!

    Quiet operation!

    Easy change of filter
    If necessary, the filters are changeable within one minute! This can be done by any person without technical know-how and tools!

    The unit operates with a HEPA activated carbon filter combination. For an average air-polluted vehicle and for about 2 hours of operation of the air purifier per day, the filters will last for about 4-6 months! For more polluted vehicles e.g. Smokers vehicles, it may be that the filters have to be exchanged after approximately 2-3 months.

    Technical specifications:

    Power: 12V / 6W
    Max. Power consumption: 6 watts
    Max. Air circulation: 2,1 m3 / h
    Dimension (H / W / D): 190 x 66 x 72 mm
    Weight: 0.3 kg
    SKU WDH-AP1212
    Manufacturer Aktobis / WDH
    Weight 2.00 kg
    Shipping Company DHL
    EAN 4260196711104
    Market price: EUR 79.00
    Our price: EUR 59.00
    including MwSt

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    Bedienungsanleitung Deutsch

    Bedienungsanleitung Auto Luftreiniger WDH-AP1212.pdf
    Bedienungsanleitung für unseren Auto Luftreiniger WDH-AP1212

    Bedienungsanleitung Italienisch

    Auto Depuratore d'aria WDH-AP1212 ITALIEN.pdf
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    Fahrzeug Luftreiniger WDH-AP1212
    Auto Luftreiniger WDH-AP1212 Car
    Fahrzeug Luftreiniger WDH-AP1212 x 3

    Product Information

    Auto Luftreiniger WDH-AP1212 Car2
    Auto Luftreiniger WDH-AP1212
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  • Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    1 4.4
    • Author: Thomas L.
      Passt perfekt in den "Cup Holder" in meinem Wagen und funktioniert prima seit mehreren Tagen.
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