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Water Ozone Generator WDH-WP15

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Our price: EUR 549.00
including MwSt
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    Water Ozone Generator WDH-WP15
    with 1,500 mg/h (1.5 g/h) ozone output and Venturi nozzle !!!
    Only EUR 549.00incl. MwSt/VAT and excl. Shipping freight
    This water ozone generator is ideal for water treatment (treatment of water and other liquids). These include in particular: disinfection/degermination, taste neutralisation, odour neutralisation, oxidation (Enteisenung und Entmanganung) and Destruction of pesticides, cyanides, phenols and algae. A venturi nozzle, for easy integration of the ozone into a watercourse, is also included. The ozone tube is the latest technology in ozone production with a very long service life. The unit itself is very robustly manufactured!

    Safety instructions:

    The unit may only be operated by specialists who are well acquainted with the mode of action and the application of ozone or who have acquired this knowledge through training !!! For operation within the Federal Republic of Germany, the guidelines of the German employers' liability insurance associations must be observed. For operation in other countries, the national and local rules and regulations applicable there must be observed. Ozone in higher concentrations (above 0.1 ppm or 0.2 mg ozone/m³) is a toxic gas and oxidant and is classified as dangerous and harmful to health ! Precautions must be taken to prevent uncontrolled release of ozone.
    The recommended retail price (RRP) is EUR 619.00


    • Ozone output of 1,500 mg/h (1.5 g/h) !
    • Stepless adjustment of the ozone output (0 - 100%)
    • A venturi nozzle and a ¼ inch ozone hose are included !
    • Equipped with very long-life ozone tube
    • Continuous operation possible !
    • Stainless steel frame with carrying handle !
    • Low power consumption of only 80 watts maximum !

    Awards and Certifications:

    • Of course with CE and EMC conformity


    • Water treatment: Drinking water treatment, pond water treatment, swimming pool water treatment, waste water treatment, fish farming as well as the farm and ornamental fish sector, industrial water purification and treatment (cistern water, well water and other forms of water recovery and water treatment)
    • Other areas of application: Ozone kills mould immediately and even destroys mould spores permanently. Ozone can be used to disinfect pipelines, water basins, containers, sanitary areas and other facilities and objects relatively free of germs, fungi and bacteria, because the disinfecting effect of ozone is three thousand times stronger than that of chlorine. Practical areas of application include: Doctors' surgeries, laboratories, hospitals, cold stores, food handling areas, hotel rooms, cars, fitness facilities, dry cleaners, laundries and sanitary facilities. Ozone sustainably eliminates all forms of odours, exemplified by: Animal odours, fire odours, tobacco odours, food odours, waste odours, chemical odours (paints, varnishes, solvents), musty odours, toilet odours and acid odours (butyric acid etc.).

    Technical details:

    Voltage:220-240V ~ 50Hz
    Air circulation UNIT:80 W (0,4 A)
    Ozone output (optimal):1.500 mg/h (1,5 g/h)
    Max. Ozone concentration:15-20 mg/l
    Max.outlet pressure:10 PSI
    Protection Class:IPx0
    Dimension (H/W/D):240 x 180 x 420 mm
    Weight:5,6 kg
    Application range:5°C - 40°C
    Ozone (air) connection:1/4 inch
    Water Connection:3/4 inch
    Scope of delivery:Ozone generator, venturi nozzle, ozone hose, mains cable, operating instructions
    Max Noise:approx. 58 db
    Venturi nozzle length:153 mm


    If you are interested in ozone generators, please use the following link: WDH ozone generators

    WDH® is a quality product or brand that is available almost exclusively through specialized dealers. WDH® air conditioners have made an excellent name for themselves in recent years for high quality dehumidifiers. Quality standards are for example: durability, compliance with the stated performance, tested by the "GS", of course with CE conformity and recyclable materials.

    With us you get a branded product and of course a comprehensive customer service, even after the warranty period !
    We ship on every working day ! (With fast transfer you have the device mostly already 2-3 working days after the purchase) !
    We are one of the market leaders in Germany in the direct sale of dehumidifiers and guarantee that you get this or a serious comparable device, with no other cheaper!

    Shipping costs per product to Germany:

    We will use a parcel service to make sure the product reaches you fast and in good shape!
    Germany:EUR 6.50

    Shipping costs per product to other EU countries and Switzerland:

    We will use an International parcel service to make sure the product reaches you fast and in good shape!
    Austria:EUR 15.00
    BeNeLux:   EUR 15.00
    Switzerland:   EUR 22.00
    Rest EU*:  EUR 22.00
    *without outer islands!

    Please use the "Shipping Cost" Tab for other countries

    SKU WDH-WP15
    EAN 4260196711050
    Manufacturer WDH
    Weight 7.00 kg
    Shipping Company UPS
    Market price: EUR 619.00
    Our price: EUR 549.00
    including MwSt

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    1 4.9
    • Author: Hans-Peter W.
      Tolles Produkt! Das Gerät wurde für die Reinigung von meinem Teich gekauft und überzeugt. Habe seit der Installation keine Probleme und bedanke mich auf diesem Wege nochmals sehr herzlich für den tollen Kundenservice in ihrem Hause.
      Liebe Grüßen aus dem Norden
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