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Infrared Heating Element WDH-A1206AS (700W)

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Our price: EUR 179.00
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    Infrared-Heating Element WDH-A1206AS
    Size 120 x 60 x 3 cm with powerful 700 Watt and On/Off Switch !!

    Only EUR 179.00
      plus shipping charges

    This large infrared heating plate produces a very energy-saving heating thanks to the latest technology! It can be used free standing or mounted on a wall or ceiling. Infrared heating panels produce a pleasant heat wave energy (deep heat), which is predominantly absorbed by the walls and objects in the room. Only a fraction (about 15%) of this is not taken up and thrown back. The heat wave energy absorbed by ceilings, walls, floors and objects is then returned to the environment in the form of heating energy, creating a pleasant warm climate with an extremely low current consumption compared to conventional heating systems!

    This large infrared heating plate is also ideal for drying humid or wet walls, ceilings or objects because the heat unfolds its effect to approx. 85% directly in the wall, the ceiling or the object, without previous loss of convection. The moisture is pushed out several times faster than by other methods!

    This product impresses with its very good price-performance ratio and its easy handling.

    (If you are interested in a smaller heating element or another heater, please use the following link: Heaters WDH)

    WDH® is a quality product and brand, which is available almost exclusively through specialist dealers. WDH® climate control products are reputed high-quality appliances. Quality standards are for example: longevity, compliance with the stated performance, CE conformity, recyclable materials, etc.
    With us you get a branded product and, of course, a comprehensive customer support, even after the expiry of the warranty period!

    This product is optimized with the latest technical knowledge in mind.  The Recommended Retail Price (RRP) for this powerful Infrared Heating Element is
    279.00 EUR !!

    Please compare the Service, Quality and Features of our products with our competitors as we stand by the comparison !

    Product Features:

    ● Extra large heating plate with economical 700 Watt!
    ● The heating plate can be used vertically or even horizontally!
    ● On / Off switch!
    ● High quality stainless steel heating plate with aluminum frame!
    ● Two aluminum feet (for free-standing) and a mounting set (for wall mounting) are included in the package!
    ● Heat transfer without air movement and without any oxygen consumption!
    ● Absolutely noiseless operation
    ● Very low consumption costs compared to other heating systems!
    ● Automatic overheating protection!
    ● Service promise / collection guarantee: In the unlikely event of a complaint, the device will be picked up by our shipping company and checked / repaired in our own workshop!
    ● No maintenance required and clean (easy wipe).
    ● Very slim design and light construction. In addition, very appealing appearance!
    ● High mobility (Plug & Play) and easy-to-install quick mounting.
    ● Tested by TÜV Rheinland GS (tested safety)!


    - This infrared heating plate is passively controlled and does not contain an adjustable thermostat. This means, simply switch on and the heating plate works independently. However, an active control unit is optionally available with a thermostat (not included).

    - We ship daily and not later than the day after receipt of payment! (In case of fast transfer you have the device usually 2-3 working days after the purchase)!

    Usage Examples:

    Room Heating: Ideal as an economically room heater or to support the existing heater. Sufficient as a sole heater for rooms up to 15m2 !

    Drying: Ideal for fast drying of Walls, Ceilings, Floors and other objects! Economically heating and drying of cellars.

    Damage Recovery: Drying after flooding or damage after Fire Water. These devices are ideally suited for the drying process!

    Technical Specifications:

    Current    :                          230-240V ~ 50Hz
    Max. Power Consumption:   700 W
    Effective Area:                    0,72 m2
    Heating Element:                Kohlefasergewebe (Karbon-Kristall)
    Surface Temperature:          70-90°C
    Energy-Efficiency:               98%
    Measurements (H/W/D):      605 x 1215 x 30 mm (without stand)
    Weight:                              6,5 kg

    BTW We welcome dealer and large order requests !!
    Arbeitsplatzbeheizung Werkstattheizung Infrarotheizung, Elektroheizung Elektroheizer Infrarotstrahler Stromheizung Heizgerät Test Heizgeräten Kalte Räume, Heizung Heizleistung Baubeheizung Heizen Beheizung Infrarottrockner Heizer Strahler Heizgerät Trocknungsheizer Hallenheizung Bautrocknung Trockenlegung Wandtrocknung Deckentrocknung, Objekttrocknung, Bodentrocknung Wasserschaden Bildheizung Spiegelheizung Dekorheizung Infrarotbeheizung Heizplatte Flächentrocknung Mauerwerkstrocknung

    SKU WDH-A1206AS
    Manufacturer Aktobis / WDH
    Weight 17.00 kg
    Shipping Company UPS
    EAN 4260196713153
    Market price: EUR 279.00
    Our price: EUR 179.00
    including MwSt
    Quantity Price*
    2-4 Items 170.05
    5+ Items 164.68
    *Note: including MwSt
    Quantity Out of stock

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    Bedienungsanleitung Deutsch

    Bedienungsanleitung WDH-A1206AS (700 W).pdf
    Bedienungsanleitung für unsere Infrarot Heizplatte WDH-A1206AS

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    IR Heizplatte WDH-A1206AS
    IR Heizplatte WDH-A1206AS
    Gepruefte Sicherheit IR Heizplatte WDH-A1206AS
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    1 4.6
    • Author: Ronja F.
      Ein optisch ansprechendes Produkt, das auch durch Leistung besticht. Ich bin begeistert von Ihrer Kundenfreundlichkeit, sowie der wirklich guten Qualität der Produkte. Weiter so!
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