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Adsorption dehumidifier WDH-DS3

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Our price: EUR 219.00
including MwSt
  • Product details
    Damp cellar ? Cold rooms ? Flooding ? Burst pipe ? Damp rooms ? Wet walls ? Mould ?
    Adsorption dehumidifier WDH-DS3
    without compressor, for cold rooms with a dehumidification capacity of up to max. 10 litres/day !
    Only EUR 219.00incl. MwSt and excl. Shipping freight

    This modern adsorption dehumidifier is the ideal drying device in unheated (cold) rooms and generally at low ambient temperatures. This is where it shows its strengths, as conventional dehumidifiers with refrigerant and compressor technology are very inefficient at temperatures of 1°C ~ 15°C. Thus, the WDH-DS3 dehumidifies at temperatures around approx. 8°C and 80% r.l. still up to strong 9 L/D ! The adsorption dehumidifier impresses with a very clear control panel with LED display, three air circulation levels, standard mode, auto mode, dry mode (turbo), continuous operation, air purification mode as well as timer function !

    The unit offers high quality at a good price-performance ratio with easy handling ! The WDH-DS3 adsorption dehumidifier is very efficient in cool environments, because it can be used depending on the room temperature, humidity aftertreatment and personal target humidity value for rooms up to approx. 25 sqm (62 cbm) !!

    The recommended retail price (RRP) is EUR 269.00


    • Without compressor and without refrigerant
    • Dehumidification capacity at cold conditions (8°C / 80% r.H.) up to 9 ltr./day
    • Already from a cool 1°C a good dehumidification performance !
    • Electric hygrostat (LED) for regulating and setting the desired humidity level
    • Humidity control in 10% steps from approx. 40% to 70%, in addition continuous operation possible
    • In addition to the standard mode, the following operating modes are available: Auto mode; Dry mode (Turbo) and air purification mode* (additional *HEPA filter required) !
    • Automatic function, i.e. the unit switches off automatically incl. fan after reaching the target humidity level and also switches on again automatically when it becomes more humid!
    • Timer function for selecting the automatic remaining running time or the starting time between 1-24 hours
    • Clear display incl. current humidity level and status overview !
    • Adjustable blow-out lamella/blow-out direction
    • Also suitable for continuous operation/continuous dehumidification.
    • SmartHome-compatible (via WLAN socket) + can be controlled via external timer (only possible with a few units) !
    • Three fan/air circulation levels (weak + normal + turbo)
    • Optimised for use in cool conditions incl. heat recovery, as the drying heat of approx. 700 watts is released back into the room as exhaust air !
    • Suitable for unattended use without any problems !
    • No adjustments in case of power failure (unit continues where it left off)
    • Auto-stop when condensation tank is full incl. warning light
    • Removable condensation tank with a capacity of approx. 5 litres, furthermore the water level is always quickly visible as the condensation tank is transparent !
    • Option of connecting a hose for endless drainage of the condensate !
    • Absolutely maintenance-free !
    • Very easy mobility due to carrying handles on the sides
    • Washable, antibacterial air filter
    • Modern design and attractive appearance, therefore also very suitable for living rooms !
    • The unit is ready for immediate use (no installation or assembly required) !
    • Quiet operating mode !
    • Fulfils WEEE standards
    • Tested by TÜV "GS" and of course with CE and EMC conformity !

    Awards and Certifications:

    • Tested by TÜV "GS
    • Of course with CE and EMC conformity


    • Kellerfeuchte: Ideal for damp and cold cellars or old masonry. Prevents/eliminates musty smell, mould, decomposition of masonry and much more.
    • Damage removal: After floods or after damage caused by extinguishing water, these units are ideal for drying in cool environments !
    • Climate control: In the conservatory, shed, summer house, laundry room, garage, bedroom, office, boat and for use at work and hobbies etc.

    Technical details:

    Voltage:220V-240V / 50Hz
    Air circulation UNIT:730 W
    Dehumidification capacity (cold):9,0 Ltr./day (8°C / 80% r.F.)
    Condensation Tank:Ca. 5 liters
    Dimension (H/W/D):515 x 360 x 240 mm
    Weight:7,5 kg
    Operating Setting:LED control panel (display)
    Application range:1°C ~ 32°C
    Scope of delivery:Dehumidifier, power cord, operating instructions
    Max Noise:Sleep 41,3 dB
    Normal 46,7 dB
    Turbo 50,3 dB
    Max. Air Flow:Turbo 185 m³/h
    Average value air circulation:Normal 170 m³/h
    Lowest air circulation:Sleep 140 m³/h
    Cable length:
    Ø Leistungsaufnahme im Dauerbetrieb::ca. 715 W


    If you are interested in another dehumidifier/building dryer, please use the following link: Dehumidifier WDH

    WDH® is a quality product or brand that is available almost exclusively through specialized dealers. WDH® air conditioners have made an excellent name for themselves in recent years for high quality dehumidifiers. Quality standards are for example: durability, compliance with the stated performance, tested by the "GS", of course with CE conformity and recyclable materials.

    With us you get a branded product and of course a comprehensive customer service, even after the warranty period !
    We ship on every working day ! (With fast transfer you have the device mostly already 2-3 working days after the purchase) !
    We are one of the market leaders in Germany in the direct sale of dehumidifiers and guarantee that you get this or a serious comparable device, with no other cheaper!

    Shipping costs per product to Germany:

    We will use a parcel service to make sure the product reaches you fast and in good shape!
    Germany:EUR 6.50

    Shipping costs per product to other EU countries and Switzerland:

    We will use an International parcel service to make sure the product reaches you fast and in good shape!
    Austria:EUR 15.00
    BeNeLux:   EUR 15.00
    Switzerland:   EUR 22.00
    Rest EU*:  EUR 22.00
    *without outer islands!

    Please use the "Shipping Cost" Tab for other countries

    EAN 4260196710169
    Manufacturer WDH
    Weight 11.70 kg
    Shipping Company UPS
    Market price: EUR 269.00
    Our price: EUR 219.00
    including MwSt

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    Adsorptionsentfeuchter WDH-DS3
    WDH-DS3 Bedienfeld
    WDH-DS3 vorne
    WDH-DS3 Tank offen
    WDH-DS3 Rueckseite


    WDH-DS3 Testsieger

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    Farbschema WDH-DS3

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    6 4.9
    • Author: Thomas S. zuhause at shopvote.de
      Bisheriger Gebrauchszeitraum von drei Geräten: 1 Woche. Bei Inbetriebnahme war ein leichter Kunststoffgeruch zu vernehmen, der aber nach
      zwei Tagen Betrieb verschwand. Entfeuchtungslleistung bei tiefen Termperaturen <10C entspricht meinen Erwartungen, die Luft wird furztrocken. Wasserablagerung an den Wänden/Fenstern bzw. Schimmelbildung kommt so nicht mehr vor. Einzig "spürbarer" Nachteil ist der Energieeinsatz (400W Dauerleistung im Sleep-Betrieb), der aber bei der wirksamen Entfeuchtung gerechtfertigt ist. Betriebsgeräusch im "Sleep"-Modus ist sogar leise und unauffällig genug, um dabei schlafen zu können. Die Luft wird leicht ermwärmt beim Trockenvorgang. Sorgt nach einiger Zeit für eine spürbar höhere Raumtemperatur. Einen wirklichen Kritikpunkt konnte ich nach einer Woche Betrieb nicht feststellen.
    • Author: Nutzer-36014 at shopvote.de
      Gute Entfeuchtung bei niedrigen Temperaturen. Für die Garage ideal.
    • Author: Nutzer-35290 at shopvote.de
      Günstiger Preis
    • Author: Nutzer-19424 at shopvote.de
      Sehr gute Wasserausbeute, auch im kalten Keller.
    • Author: Klaus at shopvote.de
      Entfeuchtet super und ist auch nicht zu laut. Ich bin sehr zufrieden.
    • Author: Alfons P.
      Bin langjähriger Kunde aber mit diesem Gerät habt ihr euch nochmals übertroffen liebes Aktobis Team! Ich habe diesen Entfeuchter speziell für meine kühle Garage gekauft, da die bereits erworbenen Kondensationsentfeuchter bei kälte nicht so effektiv sind und ich bin baff, wie viel Feuchtigkeit der DS3 bei diesen Bedingungen aus der Luft holt. Qualität zu einem vernünftigen Preis, ich bleibe auf jeden Fall Kunde!
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