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WDH-310EKW dehumidifier with WLAN control

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Our price: EUR 169.00
including MwSt
  • Product details
    Damp rooms ? Wet walls ? Burst pipe ? Damp cellar ? Flooding ? Mould ?
    WDH-310EKW dehumidifier with WLAN control
    and a dehumidification capacity of up to max. 12 litres/day !
    Only EUR 169.00incl. MwSt/VAT and excl. Shipping freight

    This small and reliable dehumidifier impresses with its extensive features, good price-performance ratio, good dehumidification results and its easy handling. In addition, it has an extremely low power consumption!

    The WDH-310EKW dehumidifier is highly efficient, because it can be used for rooms up to approx. 30 sqm (75 cbm) depending on the room temperature, the moisture level and the personal target humidity value !!

    The recommended retail price (RRP) is EUR 195.00


    • Dehumidification capacity of up to 12 ltr./day
    • WLAN control (Tuya Smart) !
    • Electric hygrostat (LED) for regulating and setting the desired humidity level
    • Clear display incl. actual humidity and status overview !
    • Timer function to select the automatic remaining time or the starting time between 1-24 hours
    • Automatic function, i.e. the unit switches off automatically incl. fan after reaching the target humidity value and also switches on again automatically when it becomes more humid!
    • Also ideal for continuous operation/continuous dehumidification
    • SmartHome-compatible + Can be controlled via external timer (only possible with a few units) !
    • Two fan/air circulation levels (weak + strong)
    • Optimised for use in cool conditions, as the exhaust air of the WDH-310EKW is heated by approx. 3 degrees in relation to the air intake at temperatures below 18 degrees!
    • Automatic defrost function
    • Suitable for unattended use without any problems !
    • Equipped with a highly efficient rotary compressor. This TÜV-tested compressor is one of the most powerful compressors on the market !
    • Humidity control in 5% steps from approx. 30% to 90%, in addition continuous operation possible
    • No adjustments in case of power failure (unit continues where it left off)
    • Auto-stop when condensation tank is full incl. warning light
    • Removable condensation tank, furthermore, the water level is always quickly visible as the condensation tank is transparent !
    • Possibility to connect a hose for endless drainage of the condensate
    • Operation warning light
    • Absolutely maintenance-free / no separate or renewed coolant is required (closed circuit)
    • Very easy mobility due to carrying handle and castors
    • Washable, antibacterial air filter
    • Modern design and attractive appearance, therefore also very suitable for living rooms !
    • The unit is immediately ready for use (no installation or assembly necessary > only the foot rollers have to be engaged - if desired) !
    • Quiet operating mode !

    Awards and Certifications:

    • This model was rated VERY GOOD in the consumer test of the renowned online publication "Heimwerker-Test.de" in the segment of the UPPER CLASS (issue 2/2021) as well as in the renowned trade magazine "Heimwerker Praxis" in the segment of the UPPER CLASS with the overall grade 1.2 (issue 3/2021) !!!
    • Tested by TÜV "GS"
    • Of course with CE and EMC conformity


    • Damp rooms: Ideal for damp rooms and cellars or old masonry. Prevents/eliminates musty smell, mould, decomposition of masonry and much more.
    • Damage removal: In case of damp walls and/or after floods or after damage caused by extinguishing water, these devices are very well suited for drying !!!
    • Climate control: In the bathroom, conservatory, shed, summerhouse, laundry room, garage, bedroom, office, boat and for use at work and hobby etc.

    Technical details:

    Voltage:220V - 240V / 50Hz
    Air circulation UNIT:265 W
    Condensation Tank:Approx. 2.5 litres
    Refrigerant:R290 (60 g)
    Protection Class:IPX0
    Fuse:T.1 A.L 250V
    Dimension (H/W/D):467 x 305 x 195 mm
    Weight:9,8 kg
    Application range:5°C - 32°C
    Scope of delivery:Dehumidifier, operating instructions, mains cable
    Max. Noise generation:48 db
    Ø Leistungsaufnahme im Dauerbetrieb::ca. 160 W


    If you are interested in a more powerful dehumidifier/building dryer, please use the following link: Dehumidifiers from WDH

    WDH® is a quality product or brand that is available almost exclusively through specialized dealers. WDH® air conditioners have made an excellent name for themselves in recent years for high quality dehumidifiers. Quality standards are for example: durability, compliance with the stated performance, tested by the "GS", of course with CE conformity and recyclable materials.

    With us you get a branded product and of course a comprehensive customer service, even after the warranty period !
    We ship on every working day ! (With fast transfer you have the device mostly already 2-3 working days after the purchase) !
    We are one of the market leaders in Germany in the direct sale of dehumidifiers and guarantee that you get this or a serious comparable device, with no other cheaper!

    Shipping costs per product to Germany:

    We will use a parcel service to make sure the product reaches you fast and in good shape!
    Germany:EUR 6.50

    Shipping costs per product to other EU countries and Switzerland:

    We will use an International parcel service to make sure the product reaches you fast and in good shape!
    Austria:EUR 15.00
    BeNeLux:   EUR 15.00
    Switzerland:   EUR 22.00
    Rest EU*:  EUR 22.00
    *without outer islands!

    Please use the "Shipping Cost" Tab for other countries

    SKU WDH-310EKW
    EAN 4260196710190
    Manufacturer WDH
    Weight 10.00 kg
    Shipping Company UPS
    Market price: EUR 195.00
    Our price: EUR 169.00
    including MwSt

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    WDH-310EKW hinten


    TUEV GS Siegel WDH-310EKW

    Product Information

    WLAN WIFI Funktion

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    13 4.4
    • Author: Nutzer-36466 at shopvote.de
      Leise, Gute Entfeuchterleistung schnell, Leichte Bedienung, geringerer Stromverbrauch im Gegensatz zu den Mitbewerbern. Schnelle Lieferung, Kompetente Firma.
    • Author: Kunde-3463195 at shopvote.de
      the product is very noisy, we have a second product which we have in use WDH-725DG which is nice, but this one is louder than the bigger one. Basicaly it works fine.
    • Author: Nutzer-32901 at shopvote.de
      Vorteil: Das Gerät schaltet sich automatisch nach erreichen der eigestellten
      Luftfeuchtigkeit ab und ist sehr leise. Ich hatte eine Gerät das lief durchgehend.
    • Author: Nutzer-31504 at shopvote.de
      Es ist schon da zweite Geräte was ich bestelle, schön leise, was will man mehr!
    • Author: Nutzer-31156 at shopvote.de
      Wieder ein guter Kauf. Bereits der 3.Entfeuchter von Actobis. Jeder erfüllt seinen (leistungspezifischen) Zweck einwandfrei. Kundenservice der Firma ist sehr gut, auch wenn man mal Hilfe braucht.
      Hinweis: Wer das smarte Gerät in sein WLAN einbinden will, muss ggf. sein WLAN im Router getrennt für 2,4 GHz und 5 GHz konfigurieren. Entfeuchter und App auf mobilen Gerät müssen beide im 2,4 GHz WLAN angemeldet sein, damit die Tuya-App eingerichtet werden kann.Danach kann das mobile Gerät munter zwischen 2,4 und 5 GHZ wechseln und trotzdem funktioniert die smarte Steuerung.
    • Author: Nutzer-28711 at shopvote.de
      Bisher nur Vorteile. Ist erst seit kurzem in Betrieb.
    • Author: Nutzer-22347 at shopvote.de
      funktioniert bis jetzt einwandfrei
    • Author: Nutzer-21401 at shopvote.de
      Haben jetzt eins auf dem Dachboden und eins im Keller in Betrieb. Bereits am 1. Tag war der auf dem Dachboden für uns erschreckenderweise schon zur Hälfte gefüllt. Kann sonst (noch) nicht viel dazu sagen, da sich hauptsächlich mein Mann damit beschäftigt. App haben wir auch noch nicht probiert. Haben beide Geräte jetzt auf Automatik stehen und sie tun definitiv das was sie sollen! Auf jeden Fall eine mehr als klare Kaufempfehlung!
    • Author: Nutzer-17322 at shopvote.de
      Technisch einwandfrei. Alle Funktionen sind ok. Modernes Design. Schnelle und pünktliche Lieferung.
    • Author: Nutzer-17163 at shopvote.de
      Arbeitet effizient und leise.
    • Author: Nutzer-16935 at shopvote.de
      Produkt funktioniert wie bechrieben.Lieferzeit super kurz. Gerne wieder.
    • Author: Nutzer-16714 at shopvote.de
      very good product, it is not too loud and works perfectly, you fix the humidity level and then works till it reaches below that and stops. first days i had to empty the water every day. size is not big so good fit, design is nice.
    • Author: Bernd W.
      Genialer Luftentfeuchter, bin sehr zufrieden besonders auch, wegen der Smart Home Fähigkeit.
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    Shipping to will cost EUR 6.50

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