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Condensed Water Pump

Condensed Water Pump
Our price: EUR 32.90
including MwSt
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    Small Water Pump "Pump It Up"
    for example for our dehumidifiers WDH-520HB or WDH-930EEH

    Only EUR 32.90
    incl. taxes plus shipping charges

    The "Pump it Up" by Air Naturel is suitable for mobile dehumidifiers. It is placed directly in the bucket of the dehumidifiers and fixed by suction cups on the underside of the bucket floor. If the water level in the bucket rises, a float is activated and the water is pumped out. The delivery height is max. 3 m, so that is e.g. a higher located drain, but also a higher cellar window easily accessible.


    The pump is 52 mm wide. The bucket of the dryer must therefore have at least this width, so that the pump-it-up finds room. The pump is connected by adapter to a normal european household socket. In the case of closed dehumidifiers, the cable and hose are usually routed out of the housing via the hose connection, and in the case of devices with an open bucket, very easily directly above the edge of the bucket.

    The pump is suitable for condensate, but not for dirty water. The hose for removing the condensed water has an inside diameter of 8 mm (outer diameter 11 mm). The delivery includes approx. 2.90 m hose. The delivery rate of the pump is max. 450 liters per hour, which is a multiple of what the dehumidifier is capable of removing from the air.

    The consumption is very low: most of the time the pump pauses until a certain water level has accumulated in the bucket. When the level is reached, the pumpdown process is initiated. This consumes only 8 W and is practically noiseless.

    A good and cheap solution, therefore, if the tank of the dehumidifier is too small, with a large amount of dehumidifying or even if the device, for. to work without interruption during the holiday season.


    Package Contents:

    - Pump with power adapter and european plug
    - around 2.90 m 8mm inside diameter water hose
    - multi language Manual

    Technical Specifications:

    Power Consumption (max.):    8 Watt
    Dimensions (H/W/D):               75 x 52 x 73 mm
    Weight:                                     0,28 kg

    SKU Kondenspumpe Pump It
    Manufacturer airnaturel
    Weight 2.00 kg
    Shipping Company DHL
    EAN 3700459001661
    Market price: EUR 49.00
    Our price: EUR 32.90
    including MwSt

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    Kleine Kondenspumpe Pump It Up
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    Pump It Up Symbolbild
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  • Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    1 4.7
    • Author: Dieter T.
      Habe diese Pumpe nachträglich zu meinem WDH-520 bestellt und kann diese Investition wirklich nur empfehlen.
      Die Montage war mit wenigen Handgriffen erledigt. Das lästige Entleeren des Wassertanks entfällt und ich kann jetzt auch ohne ein Beaufsichtigen des Geräts davon ausgehen, dass kontinuierlich und ohne Pause entfeuchtet wird.
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