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Infrared Heating Element WDH-A1206AS (700W)
Infrared Heating Element WDH-A1206AS (700W)

This infrared heating plate produces a very energy-saving heating thanks to the latest technology! It can be used free standing or mounted on a wall or ceiling. Infrared heating panels produce a pleasant heat wave energy (deep heat) which is predominantly absorbed by the walls and objects in the room. Only a fraction (about 15%) of this is not taken up and thrown back. The heat wave energy absorbed by ceilings, walls, floors and objects is then returned to the environment in the form of heating energy, creating a pleasant warm climate with an extremely low current consumption compared to conventional heating systems! This infrared heating plate is also ideal for drying wet or wet walls, ceilings or objects, since the heat unfolds its effect to approx. 85% directly in the wall, the ceiling or the object, without previous loss of convection Moisture is pushed out several times faster than by other methods!

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