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Frequently Answered Questions

Questions and answers on warranty, Delivery, Payment & Withdrawal:

What about the warranty?

As a private consumer, you will receive a 2-year warranty. The devices are actually very reliable! However, should there still be a complaint, we can guarantee the following procedure for all devices up to 35 kg:
If you report a defect, we will immediately send you a prepaid postage label, with which you can send us the defective device. We check the defect in our house and then send you back your repaired device !!

What service do you offer after the warranty period?

In principle, the same service that we offer during the warranty period. In our workshop we willcheck and  take into consideration the condition and age of the device. We will let you know the cost for the repair or will make you a special offer on a new device !

Can I return the device if I do not like it?

We comply with the legal provisions and the 14-day right of withdrawal!
The purpose of this 14-day right of withdrawal is to give you the same rights as if you purchased the product in the shop. It is not for you to make use of the product without intention of buying. Furthermore, we refer you to our Terms & Confitions! Thank you for your understanding.

How long does the delivery take?

The delivery time for all devices up to 35 kg is about 2 working days to addresses in Germany and usually one extra day for deliveries in the EU region. We are sending via DHL and UPS and we ship no later than the day after the receipt of payment. For heavier items we will use a freight forwarding company where the delivery takes longer. We can provide you with a tracking number for all our deliveries. In some countries we offer payment via invoice, which will trigger an immediate release to the shipping company.

How do I get the device the fastest? (If it is very urgent) ?

We can offer you the following for the purpose of an immediate delivery:

You transfer the total amount to our bank account and fax or email us a transfer confirmation (screenshot or remittance slip). We will initiate the shipment immediately on the basis of this receipt !!

Why do you charge a credit check fee of 3% on the invoice payment type and Paypal fees of 1.9% when paying with Paypal?

Our strategy is to offer consumers the best possible price. This is only possible for us if we do without as many administrative steps as possible and additional effort and costs !! Sure, there are competitors who do not have these extra costs, but we are sure that the price is not as attractive as ours. The extra cost can be avoided by paying in advance to our bank account.
Regular customer surveys make it our policy to keep the price as tight as possible in this form and to offer this to individuals with special payment options as an option, but to charge this customer base with the actual costs incurred. Certainly one can now argue about whether it might not be strategically better, generally specify a higher price on all products and then in the payment process to give the persons with advance transfer a discount (discount) of 3% or 1.9%.

Our company welcomes the fair and open pricing and each customer can of course choose which option he would prefer to perform or not. This has brought us many loyal customers in the last few years !!
Incidentally, according to statistics of the Chamber of Commerce, the default risk for payment on account is about 10% for the seller, but only for the buyer ?? at about 0.3% - that he does not receive his goods.

Can I also look at / pick up the device directly from you?

You are also welcome to view / pick up the device in person. You will receive a briefing if you wish!

Since we do not operate a shop, we ask for a short prior appointment on Tel: +49-6106-284230
Our core office hours are Monday through Friday from 08:30 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 16:30.

Do you have a device to test / try out?

Unfortunately, we can not provide you with a test device / loaner - please understand that the effort would not justify our very tightly calculated price.
(The test option is unfortunately only possible through the selected retailers with retail stores.)

Which payment options do I have?

We offer the following payment options in our Online Shop:
Pay in Advance - You are given a pro-forma invoice and instructions to transfer the amount to our bank account. A proper invoice will be sent with the product
Pay via Stripe - Credit Card payments as well as Apple Pay/Google Pay and other electronic payments available

PayPal - You can pay immediately with PayPal and all the allowed payment types (we add a 1.9% payment surcharge for this payment option)

PayDirekt - For customers with a PayDirekt enabled german bank account (we add a 1.1% payment surcharge for this payment option)
Pay via Invoice - This payment option is only available for certain European countries (we add a 3% payment surcharge for this payment option)

What about ordering on account for a public institution?

You are welcome as a public institution (city council, university, school etc.) to order from us via invoice (on account) without any payment surcharge.
When ordering via our Online Shop please enter the details manually in the comments field of the checkout process and we will NOT charge you the computed 3% credit check. You are also welcome to call, fax or email your order to us.

Can I give you a debit authorization (sometimes also referred to as GIRO)?

Unfortunately, for administrative and legal reasons, no debit from your bank account is possible! One of the most important reasons is that a direct debit can be canceled even after months by the debited account owner.

I am a company, if I give you my tax number, do you deliver without VAT (pure NET) within the EU?

We are happy to issue you a net invoice if you provide us with your standardized EU VAT number as well as your full company address. Please use the VAT free option in our checkout process. Please enter your VAT number including the country prefix and the shop will prefill the address details for you. As long as you do not change them the VAT will be waived.
For your information: To fulfill tax exemption regulations we must subsequently ship the goods directly to your tax country. (ie. a delivery address in Germany will not be possible)
The shipping costs are excluded.

What about the refund of German VAT for proven exports?

Regarding your request for the refund of the German VAT on export, we regret to inform you that this is not possible in hindsight due to considerable accounting effort. We ask for your understanding.

What is your bank account number ?

Aktobis AG
Bank: Sparkasse Dieburg (Deutschland)
IBAN: DE67 5085 2651 0155 0135 35