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Questions and answers about the WDH-725DG dehumidifier

How loud is the dehumidifier?

volume, depending on the selected circulation level, is between approx. 42 dB and approx. 48 dB! This is comparable with the noise level of a BATHROOM EXHAUST FAN! (whisper-quiet operation).
TIP: Place the construction dryer on a carpet or a doormat. This will reduce the noise level somewhat

What is the temperature of the exhaust air?

Thetemperature of the exhaust air depends on the temperature of the air being drawn in (room temperature)! But to give you an idea anyway, the exhaust air is said to be "lukewarm" at normal room temperatures or, to put it differently in other words, it is about 2-3 degrees higher than the intake temperature!

Up to what room size is the unit suitable?

maximum room size depends on the following factors, among others:
- how much humidity comes after

- Room temperature

- desired Target humidity value

As a rule, the Construction dryer can be used in rooms up to approx. 50 sqm (125 cbm)

Up to which humidity level is the dehumidifier suitable?

all humidity levels! However, use below 45% RH is no longer recommended. is no longer recommended, as a DEHUMIDIFIER is actually needed here and the unit hardly removes or can remove any moisture from the air from the air.
Forexample: at 40% RH and continuous operation, less than 4 litres per day is extracted from the air!

How high is the air circulation?

Unfortunately, there is no information on this from the factory, but it should be around 250 m³/h ! Please note that the air circulation should generally be adjusted to the existing Cooling fins, and if the air flow rate is too high, it is very Air flow rate, it is very easy for condensed moisture (drops) to adhere to the cooling fins condensed moisture (drops) on the cooling fins is dried again by the blow-dry effect and is then the heavily circulated air at the other end is blown back into the room air! again!

How high is the dehumidification capacity?

As with all building dryers, the Dehumidification performance is decisively influenced by the following factors:
A) humidity content of the room air and B) heat/temperature in the room.
For safety's sake, here is an excerpt from the dehumidification table at CONTINUOUS OPERATION:


35 degrees and 80% RH = approx. 22 litres and at 90% RH = approx r.h. = approx. 25 litres and at 60% r.h. = approx. 13 litres
30 degrees and 80% r.h. = approx. 20 litres and at 90% r.h. = approx. 22 litres and at 60% r.h. = approx. 11 litres
20 degrees and 80% r.h. = approx. 11 litres and at 90% r.h. = approx. 14 litres and at 60% r.h. = approx. 7 litres
15 degrees and 80% r.h. = approx. 9 litres and at 90% r.h. = approx. 11 litres and at 60% r.h. = approx. 5 litres
10 degrees and 80% r.h. = approx. 6 litres and at 90% r.h. = approx. 8 litres and at 60% r.h. = approx. 4 litres
5 degrees and 80% r.h. = approx. 5 litres and at 90% r.h. = approx. 6 litres and at 60% RH = approx. 3 litres

All data are approximate per day (fluctuation tolerance) with a measurement directly at the at the unit inlet and, of course, these values are only valid with constant temperature and moisture content!

Can a unit also dehumidify several rooms or floors at the same time?

If sufficient air circulation between the rooms/floors is guaranteed, then a central is ensured, then a central placement would also be sufficient!

However, for better efficiency and economy, we recommend that you place the dehumidifier alternately in the different rooms/floors dehumidifier alternately in the different rooms/floors or to use more than one dehumidifier at a time more than one dehumidifier if necessary!
Note: Dehumidifiers are similar to a heating system, an effective and economical effective and economical performance is very difficult to achieve with a single radiator in different rooms/floors at the same time.

What about the quality of the WDH-725DG dehumidifier?

WDH-725DG dehumidifier
has been by the renowned trade magazine "Heimwerker Praxis" with an overall grade of 1.4 (issue 6/2018)!!! You can find the test report under "Files".

What is the energy efficiency class of the appliance?

At the moment, dehumidifiers cannot yet be divided into energy efficiency classes (EER), as there are no as there is still no specification or directive for this appliance category from the directive from the EU! At the moment, only air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. fall under this directive. See also the following link:

However, if there should be this possibility in the future, we assume, our WDH-725DG dehumidifier would receive an extremely good rating (EER) because our unit has a very low power consumption per litre of condensate produced! Condensate!

Is the WDH-725 dehumidifier suitable for continuous operation?

! The dehumidifier is ideal for this because it is designed like a refrigerator! refrigerator!

What about air flow? At where does the dehumidifier suck in the air and where does it release it (at the again (at the back / at the top)?

The air intake is located at the rear of the And the exhaust air is blown out at the top. The dehumidifier should therefore have at least 20 cm of air/space at the back so that it always gets enough air air. To increase the efficiency and economy, however, it is recommended that the Dehumidifier as freely as possible and as close as possible to the dampest spot.

What about the refrigerant?

dehumidifier is equipped with an environmentally friendly refrigerant refrigerant. However, no refilling, maintenance or the like is necessary, as it is a closed circuit. The dehumidifier can be comparable to a refrigerator.

Can the unit also be operated with a timer?

Yes! The WDH-725DG dehumidifier can also be controlled with a timer timer.

Does the dehumidifier have a display of the current humidity? Humidity?

Yes! The Dehumidifier has an electronic display and control panel.

Is the unit also suitable for continuous use above 32° C?

Yes! We can recommend our unit for continuous use up to 35° C without any restrictions!!! Only at even higher temperatures should you refrain from very long running times (continuous operation) in order to protect the motor very long running times (continuous use)!

Will the device be damaged at temperatures below 5° C? damaged?

The unit will not be damaged at temperatures below 5° C or below 0° C will not be damaged! However, at temperatures below 5° C C, however, dehumidification no longer takes place, since the air at these temperatures hardly Humidity is absorbed at these temperatures and the humidity is deposited on the walls or floor and at 0° C the moisture naturally turns to ice.



What about the Power consumption of the WDH-725DG?

The dehumidifier has a MAXIMUM power consumption of Power consumption of 355 watts (full load of the compressor).

However, the average power consumption in continuous operation without interrupting operation is only approx. 300 watts!

Here is a sample cost breakdown (depending on your depending on your electricity tariff): 300 watts are 0.3 kW/h and one kW/h costs approx 22 cents. In continuous operation, you would therefore have a daily consumption of approx. 7.2 kW/h or approx. 1.58 EUR!!!

Does your unit also remove the typical musty smell?

With regard to
the removal of odours, the appliance removes moisture from all objects in the room in the room and this moisture is to blame for the so-called musty smell! Musty smell! This means that after the normal level of humidity (50% - 65%) has been is restored, this odour should not arise AGAIN, or should be slowly slowly dispelled.

Does your unit also remove mould?

Mould is caused by a room climate that is too humid (e.g. damp walls) or insufficient air circulation. Our dehumidifier ensures Drying of the room climate and sufficient air circulation. That is, after the normal humidity level (50% - 65%) has been restored in the room air and in the The room air and the inventory, the breeding ground for mould infestation is removed and the mould should and the mould should slowly die off or not REPEAT

IMPORTANT! Smaller places, already infested with mould should be cleaned with a special cleaning Should be cleaned with a special cleaning agent. Larger areas should be cleaned by a specialist by a specialist company

Can this unit also be used in a room with an indoor swimming pool?

The WDH-725DG air dehumidifier  is not a special indoor swimming pool dehumidifier, but it can also be used for dehumidifying for dehumidification in an indoor swimming pool!

Many of our customers use this device for this purpose and the response is very positive. In addition, it costs considerably less than official Swimming pool dehumidifiers.
To determine whether a device is sufficient, you must take into account the size of the room or the water surface! Water surface into account! From experience we know that for small One unit is sufficient for small pools (up to 30 sqm), for pools of approx. 60 sqm you should two units should be purchased. These can then also be placed in different Areas, which increases the effectiveness even more

How old is the model or is it a discontinued model? is it a discontinued model?

The unit or production/series is brand new. This series (WDH-725DG ) is constantly kept at the the latest technical knowledge and, of course, you will always get And of course you will always receive the latest and most modern unit from us!l

What about heating at cold temperatures?

The exhaust air of the WDH-725DG dehumidifier is "lukewarm". This means that the room is heated between 0° - 3° C depending on the size and current temperature!
In a small and cold room (up to 15° C), the lukewarm exhaust air of the compressor will be of the compressor is noticeable by up to approx. 3° C. In a large and warm room (from 20° C), however, the lukewarm exhaust air from the compressor is no longer noticeable no longer noticeable and there is no more heating!

Can the dehumidifier also be mounted on the wall?

Direct wall mounting is not intended. However, you can optionally order our dehumidifier shelf as an option. This means that the unit can be easily mounted on almost any wall wall. The feedback from our customers with this shelf is very positive throughout!

Does the unit switch off completely after reaching the target humidity, i.e. i.e. also the fan?

Yes! The WDH-725DG dehumidifier switches off after the set The set target humidity value has been reached. That means the Compressor AND the fan switch off completely!

How time-consuming is the cleaning of the drip tray?

Cleaning of the drip tray Is not actually provided for and if it is desired, this can only be done by opening the can only be done by opening the casing.
This can be compared to the desire with any electrical appliance (air conditioner, Television, computer, toaster, etc.) to be cleaned from the inside. All these devices attract a lot of dust over time due to their electrical charge, which cannot be removed without technical intervention without technical intervention! (That is why it is all the more astonishing for us that one single Manufacturer from Austria is artificially suggesting "danger" to interested parties)
However, if you are primarily interested in disinfection, a disinfecting solution can be disinfecting solution (e.g. Sakrotan) can be poured into the dropping cup without can be poured into the dropping cup!

How high do you estimate the risk of mould and germ formation?

Germs can only form, if at all, if the condenser dryerisin continuous operation Condensation dryer is in continuous operation. As this requires permanent moisture in the affected areas Permanent moisture is required in the affected areas. However, these germs are completely harmless to normal normal people, since you do not drink the condensate and the germs are not condensate and the germs have no other way of entering your organism! get into your organism!

The formation of mould in one of our condensation dryers has never occurred and we have and we have already seen the insides of many very old and unkempt customer from the inside!

What is the name of the manufacturer?

The product is manufactured for us by our contract factory in Asia and is also distributed by us throughout Europe under OUR protected brand name WDHÒ .

How does this very good price-performance ratio come about?

We can offer you this great price because when you buy this dehumidifier series directly from us, no middlemen and/or retailers add their margins.

Furthermore, this price is an "online" price "ex main warehouse Germany" without detailed advice Main warehouse Germany" without detailed advice and without a retail shop!!!

However, the units are of course indistinguishable from the units in the shop not to be distinguished. All theunits are All units are 1a goods without any compromises (TOP GOODS)!!!

Can the temperature in the Dehumidifiers also cool the temperature in the room?

No! The units are NOT air conditioners, but exclusively dehumidifiers!

Combination units are always only a little bit of both and therefore not as effective as two individual specialists. In addition, the so-called Combination units are usually relatively expensive!
If you are interested in an air-conditioning unit to cool the room temperature, we would like to refer you to our homepage(www.AKTOBIS.de), where we also offer pure on offer!

Can you send me brochures?

For environmental reasons, we have decided not to print a brochure for each individual product A brochure for each individual product. However, you can download an instruction manual and/or a product flyer on the product page under "Files" to download an instruction manual and/or a product flyer.

I can't find any more information about the WDH-725DG - Why?
Can I have more information about the unit?

We are the general importer for this product in Germany and the best and most accurate information is under the product description on our homepage. If there are any questions left unanswered, please let us know which information you require.

I cannot find this model at the other WDH dealers or suppliers suppliers. Which of the commercially available models is it comparable to?

We cannot specify which retailer (mostly air conditioning) exactly offers this series ONLINE as well or at all. In general, this series is with all WDH
Ò-Comparable to other dehumidifiers, most series differ differ mainly in dehumidification performance

Can I also get a matching hose from you?

hose is generally not included, but you can get a suitable plastic hose (1/2 inch) at Plastic hose (1/2 inch) in EVERY DIY store for very little money. There you also have the possibility to determine the length yourself!
Please ensure that when draining off the condensate (water), there is always a very small (water), there must always be a very small gradient.

Can I drain the hose into a washbasin?

Please ensure that there is always a very small gradient when draining the condensate (water) there must always be a very small downward slope.

What is the recommended humidity in rooms?

For living rooms Experts recommend a constant humidity value of 50 - 60% r.H. and for uninhabited uninhabited rooms (e.g. cellars) a value of less than 65% r.h. is to be should be aimed for. This is because even short-term values of over 70% r.h. can lead to Negative effects such as mould, musty smell, bacteria and decomposition of masonry! Masonry!

Humidity often occurs in the following areas:

- Lowest point of the Of the house (e.g. cellar)

- Coldest point of the house Coldest point of the house (e.g. cellar, bedroom)

- At so-called Cold bridges, the transitions from warm to cold (e.g. windows, chimney shaft, exterior walls), Chimney shaft, exterior walls)

- In damp Source rooms (keyword "bathing", "showering", "cooking", "night sweats")


To counteract excessive humidity we recommend the following measures:

- Ventilate at regular intervals (make sure make sure that you only ventilate when it is colder outside than inside, otherwise you will achieve the opposite effect)

- A room temperature of more than 15° C (heat pushes the moisture outside)

- Good insulation but with existing air exchange (old houses with poor insulation let too much moisture from the outside in, but new low-energy houses often allow the but often do not allow the moisture that accumulates in the bedroom, for example, to escape), no longer escape)

- The specific Use of AIR DEHUMIDIFIERS!


Effective reduction of humidity in rooms:

For effective, fast and and targeted reduction of air humidity in rooms and the associated and the subsequent removal of moisture from fixtures, walls, ceilings and floors dehumidifiers (e.g. our WDH-725DG dehumidifier) WDH-725DG dehumidifier).
The dehumidifier should be installed in these rooms either centrally or in the area of greatest or in the area of greatest humidity. At the beginning it is advisable to Dehumidifier for a few days in continuous operation, in order to at least to remove at least some of the accumulated basic moisture from all materials from all materials. In the later stages, it is advisable to set a constant a constant humidity value of 50 - 60% r.h. for living rooms and of (e.g. cellars) of below 65% RH. Because even with values of over 70% RH can already lead to negative effects such as mould, Musty smell, bacteria and the decomposition of masonry!
most dehumidifiers on the market operate according to the condensation method method and therefore the dehumidification performance is also strongly Temperature in the room, the following should be observed for effective operation effective operation, the following should be taken into account:
Condensation dehumidifiers are effective from 5° C upwards, but only from approx. 10 - 15° C and ideal dehumidification results are achieved at 20 - 30° C 30° C.

Could you also ship by DHL dispatch?

Please understand That we would like to send the dehumidifier only with UPS, because unfortunately the past experience with the German Post (DHL) was very bad and many of our were very bad and many of our shipments (especially the dehumidifier) Dehumidifier) have been damaged during transport!
Perhaps it would be possible for you to have the appliance delivered by UPS to a nice Neighbour or a friendly shop in your area? Alternatively, we could also deliver the dehumidifier to your workplace to your workplace.


How is the warranty?

Private individuals receive a Warranty of 2 years. For a commercial Use.(e.g. on construction sites or in an environment with a lot of dirt and grime), we give a warranty of one year one year.

What happens in the event of a complaint?

warranty is provided by us.
In the unlikely event of a claim, we can guarantee the following Guarantee the following procedure:
You report a defect to us.
Depending on the problem, we will then recommend an air-conditioning technician/customer service Service in your area, who will then take over the repair without any any costs or payments for you!
In the event of a major defect (e.g. failure of the compressor), you will receive a new And in return the carrier who delivers the replacement unit to you The replacement unit, will take the defective unit back for our company

Is the current Displayed?

Yes! The dehumidifier has a clear indication (display) incl. current temperature display, Actual humidity and status overview!

Can the dehumidifier be operated via SmartHome? via SmartHome?

Yes! The dehumidifier is SmartHome-capable (via WLAN socket) and can also be controlled via an external timer Timer (only possible with a few devices)!


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