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Frost monitor WDH-BGP02 FAQ

Questions and answers about the electric heater

Up to which room size is the WDH-BGP02 electric heater suitable for ?

The maximum room size depends on many factors:
For example, how much cold comes in (degree of insulation), what the temperatures are like in the respective room and what your target temperature is !
The rule of thumb is as follows: With simple (not so good) insulation calculate with 120 watts per square metre !
This means that with a maximum of 2.0 kW heating power, the unit is then sufficient for approx. 16.5 sqm (approx. 41 cbm) ! This value also corresponds to our recommendation. With insulation, the heat output is then sufficient for larger rooms and areas larger rooms and areas.

How long is the power cable ?

The power cable has a Length of 120 cm.

How does an electric heater heat up quickly?

The outlet temperature depends, among other things, on the inlet temperature. As a rule 30°C above the inlet temperature and the room is heated by the fact that, as with a normal heating takes place because, as with a normal radiator, the air in the room is constantly air is permanently circulated and the associated repeated heating (heating progression) (heating progression).

If you use the electric heater in a very cold room, e.g. in a garage with a temperature of a garage at 5° C, then it is logical that the outlet temperature will be only "lukewarm", because the electric heater can, of course, heat this air in the short time that the air The heating rods, the air cannot be heated to "hot". This would only be achieved if the fan is switched off, but then the air would not be would not be evenly distributed in the room and the unit would lose a lot of its heating lose heating efficiency.
(Our electric heaters are not to be compared with the cheap bathroom heaters, which only have a thin heating wire and usually no integrated fan) !)

Can the electric heater be used as a frost monitor in continuous operation?

Yes! This is possible. To do this, set the rotary control for the temperature to "MIN" (minimum) !


Setting this temperature setting ensures that the room is kept frost-free and that no unnecessary/additional energy is used for higher temperature.

Does the fan switch off when the temperature is reached or only the heating coil? the heating coil?

Yes! The fan and the heating elements switch off when the target temperature is reached !


How is the operating noise (dB) of the E-Heizer frost monitor WDH-BGP02 (2kW)?


It has "only" a maximum operating noise of approx. 46 dB(A)! This is comparable with the noise level of a BATHROOM EXHAUST FAN! (whisper-quiet Operation).

What about the thermostat setting (divided into 1 or 0.5 degree Steps)?

thermostat knob is stepless (compare with the volume control on a radio)! on a radio)! This means that the maximum adjustable value is approx. 45 °C and the lowest adjustable value is approx. 0 °C. In between there is no 1 or 0.5 degree scaling. However, you have the possibility to mark your own Marker points.
You do this as follows: Once you have reacheda desired temperature value, adjust the controller downwards until the thermostat switches off with an audible "click", until the thermostat switches off with an audible "click". Now leave the Thermostat in this position and whenever it gets colder in the room, the unit automatically starts heating and when the set temperature is reached again, the unit temperature is reached again, the unit automatically switches off again!


How is the warranty?

Private individuals receive a Warranty of 2 years. For a commercial Use.(e.g. on construction sites or in an environment with a lot of dirt and grime), we give a warranty of one year.

What happens in the event of a complaint?

The warranty is provided by us.
In the unlikely event of a claim, we can guarantee the following Guarantee the following procedure:
You report a defect to us.
Depending on the problem, we will then recommend an air-conditioning technician/customer service Service in your vicinity, who will then carry out the repair without any any costs or payments for you!
In the event of a major defect (e.g. failure of the compressor), you will receive a new And in return the carrier who delivers the replacement unit to you The replacement unit, will take the defective unit back for our company. DONE !

Can you send me brochures?

For environmental reasons, we have decided not to print a brochure for each product, however you can download an operating manual and/or a product brochure from the product page under "Files".