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Antares air washer

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    Antares air washer
    Humidifier & Air Purifier
    Only EUR 299.00incl. MwSt and excl. Shipping freight

    Breathing in clean and well-humidified air is the basis for your health. Our ANTARES air washer is a real all-rounder. It cleans the air and frees it from the smallest
    particles, such as pollen or dust, and humidifies it at the same time. The antibacterial coated filter mat rotates in the water and washes dirt out of the air in this way. So you can breathe freely at any time, just like after a cleansing thunderstorm. It is also the first air washer with an optical air quality indicator and the patented DAST system (Direct Airstream Technology) for 30% more humidification performance with 30% less energy consumption. Add a few drops of essential oil to the integrated fragrance sticks and your home becomes an atmospheric oasis of well-being.

    The recommended retail price (RRP) is EUR 369.00


    • Humidifier & Air Purifier
    • Humidification of 0.4 l/h
    • Room size: 60 m2 / 150 m3
    • DAST technology for highest efficiency and performance
    • Optical air quality indicator
    • Easy and practical filling from above
    • Pantented airflow for 30% more humidification capacity and 30% less energy consumption at the same time
    • Night mode, ioniser, integrated fragrance drawer
    • Housing dishwasher safe
    • Clean Cube includes
    • Water tank 6l

    Awards and Certifications:

    • CE and ROHS marking


    • Healthier climate: Don't you also want to live in a healthier and more optimal indoor climate ? With this air purifier you will create a healthier environment and thus a noticeable feeling of well-being ! This is especially important for children, elderly and sick people !!!
    • Eliminating odours: Who doesn't know that, no matter whether after fondue, oven dishes or cooking other food, the smell accompanies you in the premises sometimes for several days. But our air purifier quickly puts an end to these odours !
    • Tobacco smoke elimination: Do you or your loved ones smoke ? Thanks to this air purifier, not only is the unpleasant smoke from cigarettes, pipes, cigars, etc. quickly absorbed and neutralised, but nicotine no longer has a chance to settle in your home and turn white into yellow !!!
    • Fine dust and exhaust gas removal: If you live near a busy road or in a big city, protect yourself with our air purifier against the many toxic substances in the air that you are unfortunately inevitably exposed to there!!!
    • Healthier climate and additional protection for pets, plants, inventory as well as for use at work and hobby:
    • Especially in the heating season, the relative humidity often falls below the recommended range for living and working spaces. This has an unfavourable effect on the well-being and health of people and animals and can also promote diseases of the respiratory system if the indoor air is permanently very dry. A too dry climate can also be harmful for inventory and plants. This effect can be counteracted with our humidifier.
    • In the field of human medicine, a balanced humidity of the ambient air is recommended. However, especially in closed, poorly ventilated and well-heated rooms, such values are often fallen short of, which can lead to reduced respiratory performance and impairment of the skin or mucous membranes. This is especially the case in winter, as the cold outside air then has only a low absolute humidity. Therefore, it should be re-humidified by a humidifier after heating to room temperature in order to prevent the relative humidity from dropping too much.

    Technical details:

    Air circulation UNIT:
    Suitable for rooms up to max.:
    Max Noise:
    Dimension (H/W/D):


    We ship daily from Mon. - Fri. and at the latest the day after we receive the money ! (If you transfer the money quickly, you will usually receive the unit within 2-4 working days after purchase)
    With us, you get a brand product and, of course, comprehensive customer care, even after the warranty period has expired!

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    Germany:EUR 6.50

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    Austria:EUR 15.00
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    Rest EU*:  EUR 22.00
    *without outer islands!

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    SKU Antares
    EAN 7640115593184
    Manufacturer Stylies
    Weight 3.90 kg
    Shipping Company UPS
    Market price: EUR 369.00
    Our price: EUR 299.00 In Stock
    including MwSt

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    Bedienungsanleitung / Operating Manual

    Bedienungsanleitung für unseren Luftwäscher Antares
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    1 4.4
    • Author: Natascha W.
      Der Luftreiniger hat ein cooles und unauffälliges Design, er passt super in meine Wohnung - Pollen haben keine Chance mehr :)
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